Broy (Teacher & Translator)

14 Oct Broy (Teacher & Translator)

Having the ability of communicating in five languages, Broy’s passion for foreign languages is not to be questioned. He might not be a graduate of any literature program, but his English proficiency is comparable with any of the native speakers due to his experience living in Canada while earning his Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Manufacturing) at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. Broy’s background as a young traveler roaming the world with his mother who worked as a diplomat for the Republic of Indonesia has enriched his language proficiency and cultural experience.

His professional portfolio includes English tutoring to a young 7-year old Italian girl while adjusting to her new environment in Jakarta and providing Bahasa Indonesia lessons for one of the top Italian directors of an oil company up to the point that he can impress many Indonesian governmental officials with his Bahasa Indonesia proficiency. Broy enjoys sharing his knowledge of language and cultural experiences with his students, so a class with him will enrich the student’s experience while living in Jakarta. He’s been with Nava Lingua since 2013 and he’s looking forward for many more years and experiences to come.