Ellsy (Teacher & Editor)

14 Oct Ellsy (Teacher & Editor)

Ellsy is a graduate of Indonesian Literature from Universitas Indonesia (UI). Upon graduating she began her career in 2000 as a Bahasa Indonesia instructor teaching Bahasa Indonesia to expatriates living in Jakarta as part of a team that was assembled by one of her college peers. This is where she found her passion for teaching Bahasa Indonesia and advocating Indonesian Culture.

In 2005 she parted ways with her team from Universitas Indonesia and began teaching on her own. During this time she began teaching Bahasa Indonesia to expatriate workers of all levels at various multinational companies such as Nokia, Eni, IFC, etc. She also taught Indonesian literature for IB program at the formerly known Jakarta International School or what is now known as Jakarta Intercultural School.

With more than 15 years of teaching experience and her passion for teaching Indonesian Language and Advocating Indonesian culture, She established Nava Lingua at the end of 2012.