Fian (Teacher & Editor)

14 Oct Fian (Teacher & Editor)

Basically, Fian likes to communicate with people and learn other cultures. Therefore, he has been engaging in education world for 5 years. After having graduated from Universitas Indonesia—majoring in Indonesian Linguistics—He applied his ability by being a lecturer of Bahasa Indonesia at Bogor Agriculture University (IPB). He has now become a Bahasa Indonesia teacher for foreigners at Nava Lingua. Because of his ability, In 2013, Fian had been asked by one of the universities in South Korea to create Indonesian language teaching materials for Korean people.

During his time of becoming a teacher, he was also often asked by the government to become a liaison officer (LO) for foreigner in the Indonesian cultural international event. And He has now enjoying his passion and been trusted to teach in several multinational companies, such as ENI, NOKIA, IFC, and BWA.