Five Most Unique Airports in Indonesia

27 Sep Five Most Unique Airports in Indonesia

To support the economic growth and to ease tourists who visit Indonesia, the Government strives to improve some public facilities. One aspect is the airport. Airport is considered important because it’s the gateway before living in or exploring Indonesia. Through airports, visitors or business practitioners may know Indonesia’s diverse culture. Some airports in Indonesia have facilities equivalent to other international airports and different unique traits such as:

1. Kualanamu Airport, North Sumatra

This airport is located in Deli Serdang, 39 km from the city of Medan which is the second largest airport after Soekarno-Hatta. The name Kualanamu was taken from the language of two ethnicities of the local natives. Kuala in Malay means the river’s outfall or where the river meets the sea, while Namu means bottom in Karo language. One of the facilities that other airports in Indonesia don’t have is the train access connecting Medan’s large station and the airport. Other than having train access, Kualanamu has also a transit hotel that provides hourly services.

2. Soekarno-Hatta Airport

The name of the airport was taken from the name of the Indonesia’s independence proclaimers and it started operating in 1985 in Tangerang, Banten. In the beginning, it was designed to accommodate 22 million passengers but its capacity has increased up to 50 million passengers annually. Due to the high amount of passengers, this airport becomes Indonesia’s busiest airport and it’s in the top four of Asia Pacific. Although being designed by a French architect named Paul Andreu, it still retains the local culture by having a roof of a Joglo house for terminal 1 and 2. Some of its interior also uses the carving styles from Java, Bali, Sumatra, Dayak and Papua

3. Ngurah Rai Airport

With an average of 15-20 million passengers annually, this international airport becomes an airport that is often visited. One of the facilities that many visitors enjoy is the high-speed wifi reaching 16 Mbps. With such facility, Ngurah Rai becomes the airport having the 6th fastest wifi acces in the world. In addition, viewed from the top, the streets around the airport look like a racing circuit due to its curvy nature and having the unique trait of a Balinese sculpture in its gate.

4. Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan Airport

The name Sepinggan was taken from the Dayak Paser language which means one plate or the diverse united Balikpapan residents. With its modern architecture, element of Kalimantan’s ethnic culture is still utilized in the form of artificial plant decoration of several types of orchids as if being in Borneo’s tropical forest. Some sophisticated facilities are available in this airport ranging from transparent glass wall which saves the use of electricity, three-star hotel located in the airport area, and a boutique mall which facilitates the visitors to shop in the airport. The achievement that it had accomplished was becoming Indonesia’s best airport in 2014.

5. Juanda Airport

The airport is located 20 km south of Surabaya which is a city with the second largest population after Jakarta. With such Land Transport modern facilities, passengers who have landed can directly order a taxi from inside the airport terminal. Having complete facilities such as shopping venues, food venues, entertainment venues dan the staff hospitality, this airport has achieved of becoming the world’s 10th best airport.