Growing Trend of Co-working Space in Indonesia

04 Oct Growing Trend of Co-working Space in Indonesia

The technology development that keeps growing faster every year encourages the young generation to build their own businesses using capital that is not too big. There are now many people who work freelance because one can do it from anywhere without having to come to the office. One of the places that freelancers or self-entrepreneurs use is a co-working space which you can see more and more of it now in several major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta and Denpasar.


Some of the reasons why people prefer working in co-working spaces are the following:

  1. Not boring

Working in an office or at home is money-saving due to the full available facilities and you don’t need to spend large money on transportation. But when working in a co-working space, you can meet other freelancers or solo entrepreneurs to discuss new things. There is also the atmosphere of the venue that is cozy with an interior design that gives a dynamic impression. Many gathering events are usually held in co-working spaces to increase knowledge and skills of freelancers or startup establishers.

2. Favorable Working Environment

When working in a co-working space, freelancers will be surrounded by an atmosphere similar to an office having high flexibility. In addition, there are also the positive working environment and the presence of working partners who may provide good working mood which can boost working productivity

3. Building Communities and Other Business Opportunities

By meeting many people in co-working spaces, one has the opportunity to expand one’s social network. The high social interaction may also increase new working opportunities in getting cooperation offers in new projects. There is also the chance to establish a community having a common goal for its members.

4. Having Complete Working Necessities

Co-working spacesnow provide complete facilities ranging from special meeting rooms, presentation rooms, document-printing service, good internet network, providing necessities for an international conference, snacks and coffee.In other words, freelancers or startup business establishers may receive comprehensive facilities by working in a co-working space.

                                                     sumber :

The growing evolution of co-working space in several countries including Indonesia has created several trends such as cooperation between co-working spaces, increasing day-care facilities that ease parents when working and having to monitor their children, creation of new software to manage the co-working space, to manage the employees and the ecosystems of the co-working spaces and the development of coworcation concept which combines the idea of working and vacationing. Some startups provide special services such as vacation packages and working venues in co-working spaces.

The co-working space culture which has been first developed in industrialized countries can apparently be well-accepted in the Indonesian society because it boosts the people’s confidence in building one’s own business and sharing information to fellow freelancers or beginners startups. The principles of sharing, expanding friendship-network and gotong royong(mutual cooperation) are in line with the culture of the Indonesian society but they’re presented in a more modern way and sustained by sophisticated technology.

With the trend of collaboration amongst communities, organizations, and business entities, business owners or establishers don’t need to fear competition. In fact, they all can complement each other and synergize to develop even more and open more job opportunities for the society.